Creativity. Technology. Data.

Photograph of Antony Quinn

Hi, I'm Antony. I'm a thinking partner in Cambridge, UK, with expertise in creativity, technology and data. I bring fresh insights and approaches to tackle some of the tougher issues that managers deal with every day. I do this through a mix of coaching, consulting, facilitation and role-play simulations.



I’ve helped:
  • 50th Generation host Open Space experiential events for social entrepreneurs to share best practices and advance the field of social innovation. | workshop facilitation
  • Anglia Ruskin University train and mentor startups in business strategy and user experience design for an applied games programme. | workshop facilitation and mentoring
  • Eagle Genomics improve the speed and accuracy of data curation by expert biologists in a new software product to reduce labour costs and increase productivity. | technology consulting
  • Ocean Learning deliver innovation workshops for a global media and exhibitions client as part of a programme to develop skills in innovation and collaboration. | workshop facilitation
  • Sigma Consulting Solutions apply business strategy models to identify new growth opportunities and facilitate user experience (UX) design workshops for clients to improve user engagement. | workshop facilitation
  • The Chartered Institute of Public Relations improve the confidence and effectiveness of PR professionals in face-to-face communication with colleagues and clients. | applied improvisation training
  • The Geek Whisperer give managers, engineering professionals and customer service staff realistic practice in handling difficult conversations to improve well-being, engagement and profitability. | bespoke role play
  • Unboxed give intrapreneurs (internal entrepreneurs) realistic practice in interviewing customers for new product development using Lean Startup practices. | bespoke role play
  • Wild Monday give NHS doctors, surgeons and other healthcare-professionals in leadership positions realistic practice in handling difficult conversations to improve engagement, productivity and performance of staff. | bespoke role play


Antony is an excellent facilitator with an in-depth knowledge of the design process and user experience.

About me

I draw on my unusual background in genomics, software development, user experience (UX) design, intercultural communication, economics and improvised theatre to introduce fresh ideas and new ways of working.

I studied economics in France, computer science and interaction design in London, genetics in Cambridge, and improvised theatre with the legendary Keith Johnstone.

Alongside my native English, I speak French, Spanish and Italian.