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Hi, I'm Antony. I'm a leadership coach in Cambridge, UK. I help leaders grow their creativity, innovation and technology skills for better results and happier teams. I do this through coaching, training, workshop facilitation and role-play simulations.



Feeling stuck in a rut? Lost your sense of purpose? Not sure where to go next with your career or business?

Claire Pedrick at 3D Coaching says “coaching is a conversation where someone feels heard and knows something at the end that they did not know at the beginning”.

I trained with Claire and share her view that coaching is simply one human being facilitating the thinking of another. I’ve been facilitating such thinking for business owners and leaders informally for several years, and am now coaching professionally.

Improvisation Training

Have great individuals but no “team”? Frustrated that ideas go nowhere? Feel anxious when put on the spot?

Applied improvisation draws on the best traditions of improvised theatre (“improv”) to create highly effective teams and leaders who create, communicate and collaborate with ease.

I’ve been an improv actor since 2011 and have introduced the transformative principles of improvisation to Agile software teams, communications professionals, HR directors and foreign language learners.

Improvised Role Play

Are you an in-house or external trainer? Want to stand out from the crowd with your difficult conversations training? Want to add value to your training programmes with ongoing one-to-one skills practice?

As an improv actor applying 20 years experience in business, I take on the role of the ‘other’ in simulations of real-life conversations, giving your training programme participants the chance to put your learning into practice in a safe environment.

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I’ve helped:
  • 50th Generation host Open Space experiential events for social entrepreneurs to share best practices and advance the field of social innovation. | workshop facilitation
  • Anglia Ruskin University train and mentor startups in business strategy and user experience design for an applied games programme. | workshop facilitation and mentoring
  • Ocean Learning deliver innovation workshops for a global media and exhibitions client as part of a programme to develop skills in innovation and collaboration. | workshop facilitation
  • Sigma Consulting Solutions apply business strategy models to identify new growth opportunities and facilitate user experience (UX) design workshops for clients to improve user engagement. | workshop facilitation
  • The Chartered Institute of Public Relations improve the confidence and effectiveness of PR professionals in face-to-face communication with colleagues and clients. | applied improvisation training
  • The Geek Whisperer give managers, engineering professionals and customer service staff realistic practice in handling difficult conversations to improve well-being, engagement and profitability. | improvised role play
  • Unboxed give intrapreneurs (internal entrepreneurs) realistic practice in interviewing customers for new product development using Lean Startup practices. | improvised role play
  • Wild Monday give NHS doctors, surgeons and other healthcare-professionals in leadership positions realistic practice in handling difficult conversations to improve engagement, productivity and performance of staff. | improvised role play


Antony is an excellent facilitator with an in-depth knowledge of the design process and user experience.

About me

I help leaders grow their creativity, innovation and technology skills for better results and happier teams. Working one-to-one as a coach, with groups as a facilitator of workshops and leadership retreats, and with specialist trainers and coaches as a role-play actor to debug barriers to collaboration.

I draw on my unusual background in genomics, software development, user experience (UX) design, intercultural communication, economics and improvised theatre to introduce fresh ideas and new ways of working.

I studied economics in France, computer science and interaction design in London, genetics in Cambridge, and improvised theatre with the legendary Keith Johnstone.

Alongside my native English, I speak French, Spanish and Italian.